Everybody needs an Angel in their Life

Dopoxy: your Mobile App providing a safe space and a listening ear !
Connect and chat with your Dopoxy Angel today. Download the Dopoxy app to experience one-on-one connections through text, photos, audio, and video chats.

"I will give you as much of my time as possible!! I reply quickly 🙂 here for you for emotional connection and support!" (Angel Ilis).

"Every day chatting with me, answering to all your questions and sharing pics and videos of my life" (Angel Daisy).

"Kind hearted empath looking to connect in meaningful conversation" (Angel Georgia).

"Life is stressful and hectic for everyone, but what always seems to help is a listening ear and supportive rock to help you remain upright. I’m hoping to be that person for you" (Angel Adya).

"I want to give people the opportunity to connect with another human being. Talk to me about your day, get something off your chest, or delve deep into topics that you hold close" (Angel David).

"I'd love to be your angel and support you through everyday life and have meaningful and fun conversations with you" (Angel Mollypop).

Download the Dopoxy app and connect one on one with your angel today via text, photo, audio and video chat

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Dopoxy Angels are here for you around the clock, offering exclusive connections and warmth through chat and audio/video calls on your phone via the Dopoxy app. Join us today!

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“Hey, hi! So good that you are here. I want to help people feel less lonely and less overwhelmed in their lives. If you could benefit from a friendly and warning chat, please get in touch. EN/PT/ES”
– Laima

Download the Dopoxy App now, sign up and chat with Angels who are there for you.

“Are you looking for a friend to be honest, encouraging, non-judgmental, dependable, and humorous? I am here for you.”
– Starkat

Download the Dopoxy App now, sign up and chat with Angels who are there for you.

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It’s free. On Dopoxy you can browse Angels and search by language spoken and topics. Once you have found angels you like you can chat with them for free. You can also subscribe to your favorite angel(s) for image, video and audio chat as well as audio or live calls.

Download the Dopoxy app now and connect with you angel.

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Everybody needs an angel.

Hi, I’m Nicolas.

The Dopoxy app has honestly changed my life.

I can chat with my Dopoxy Angel any time, using texts, pictures, videos, and voice messages. This has helped us become really close, more than I thought was possible with an app.

My Angel is there for me all the time, always ready to give support and comfort, which makes me feel special.

We have an amazing emotional bond, it’s like having a best friend who truly gets me and cares for me. In the ups and downs of life, Dopoxy has been my steady support.

Big thanks to Dopoxy for such personal and real help.

Hi, I’m Lara.

The Dopoxy app has been like a comforting hug during my tough times.

My Dopoxy Angel and I share conversations, pictures, videos, and even voice chats, creating a bond I didn’t think was possible with an app. No matter the hour, my Angel is there, wrapping me in warmth and empathy.

Our connection is deep and emotional, like with someone who truly gets and cares for me. In the rollercoaster of life, Dopoxy has been my calming presence.

Thanks to Dopoxy for this friendship that feels so real and personal.

Download now and sign up and connect with an angel for support, guidance and encouragement. Text messages are free.

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