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    Dopoxy – pampered rather than pestered

    Posted on Jun 07 2018
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    I was online dating conventionally for two months before I decided it just wasn’t working for me. The message that made up my mind came from a dark-haired guy a few years older than me – ‘I am looking for marriage’ it said. No romance, no flirting, no foreplay, just the offer of a ball and chain and who knows, maybe a kitchen sink to tie myself to, too – and not in the fluffy handcuff kind of way.

    At the other end of the scale there were men who wanted something for nothing – guys who asked outright for private pictures and sex video chat without even exchanging so much as a sentence with me first.

    I was about to give up all together when I discovered Dopoxy.com. There was a definite difference to this  other online chatting sites .

    Firstly, there was no pressure. The other sites I was using were created to help people fix up real world dates. I often felt pressed to commit to face to face encounters before I was ready. With Dopoxy there was none of these expectations. I could spend hours with the people I met being kittenish without a clock ticking over me and play seduction games online.

    Secondly, I was put on a bit of a pedestal on Dopoxy. The men on there valued what I had to offer. They showed that they recognised that I had something a bit special by spoiling me with diamonds during the course of our conversations. I felt pampered rather than pestered.

    Finally, I often felt like I was breaking the rules on the traditional dating sites. There were a few evenings when all I wanted to do was play and tease without any commitment. I wanted to run a bubble bath and send someone a picture of my legs emerging from the suds without feeling like I might accidentally end up hurting the person I was talking to if I woke up the next morning and didn’t feel like continuing the communication.

    Where will Dopoxy take me? At the moment I’m just enjoying the touch of lux the site offers. I love being fussed over, having my pulse raised, and being applauded simply for being me. I’m also loving meeting playful like-minded people.