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    Why Should Women Get Paid to Chat on Dating Sites?

    Posted on Jun 07 2018
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    Why Should Women Get Paid to Chat on Dating and Online Chatting Sites?

    We get asked the same question over and over from people browsing our site: Why do you think women should get paid to chat on your dating site? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons:


    1. Women receive 5 time more request than men on online chatting sites?

    If you are a woman reading this, then you are in luck! You are receiving 5 times the amount of requests compared to your male counterparts. Men, welcome to the hard reality of online dating. We would rather deal in reality than fantasy and the stats don’t lie!


    1. Studies show that most women tend to look for one partner to fulfill their emotional needs, while, at the same time, men tend to want multiple partners. Women are more discerning and are usually trying finding one special person, while men go hunting for many preys.  


    1. Men over 40 tend to be attracted to women younger than them. This causes you to end up with an even larger imbalance between young women and men over 40. In this case, young, attractive women tend to receive 20 times more requests from men over 40. 


    1. Let’s talk dollars and cents for a moment.  If we look at economic theory, imbalances between supply and demand are re-equilibrated with price.  Yes, we just wrote price….If supply is larger than demand for a given product or service, then the price of men should go down and the price of women should go up. We see a larger supply of men over the supply of women, and we have a formula to shift that power!


    1. Fact: History has shown why men often pay for dinner and drinks during dates, and why men traditionally give valuable gifts such as jewelry to women they desire.   


    On Dopoxy we have decided to let economic principles drive our dating platform so that women get paid to chat online.


    Since men want to chat with women more than women want to chat with men, we even the playing field by giving men the chance to show women how valuable they are.


    With this system we reduce the imbalance between the supply of men and women on our dating site. Women get a chance to get rewarded for the attention they give to men, and men get more attention from women that they normally receive on the other dating websites. Oh, and did I mention it’s because we’re hot, have sex appeal, turn you on and totally can be 100 times sexier than any guy on his best day? Well, there, I said it!


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