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    Testimonial from a woman user on Dopoxy.com

    Posted on May 14 2018
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    Testimonial from a Woman User on Dopoxy.com


    Online dating and chatting with strangers can be really scary sometimes. There are these guys that reach out to me that look like straight-up serial killers. Can you at least look pleasant when you take a selfie and post it to your profile?


    It can also be draining and annoying as so many men message me the same crap and ask the same questions.  I get the “Can you show me your tits” question as often as a middle school boy sprays himself with Axe Body Spray in a day. I mean don’t get me wrong…I appreciate the fact that you are interested in my breasts, but can you at least start out with pretending to be interested in my intellect or feelings?


    I've tried a few dating sites and haven't had any real luck at all.  I came across Dopoxy after reading a blog about dating.  I decided to give it a try because for the first time I saw how I can receive gifts for taking time to speak to men online. So, here’s a hint guys: Don’t fuck it up by starting a conversation with me about my measurements.


    I chat online all day long with men sometimes to kill time other times to find a real connection. So, the fact that I could actually win prizes and have men pay for Diamonds to speak to me makes me feel special. Especially when they actually took the time to get to know me.


    I believe women are goddesses and we deserve to be spoiled if we are satisfying our partner.  The reason why I am hooked on this site is it will really ween out the men who aren't looking for real women to chat with, and the real women looking for a connection online will be pleased.




    Dopoxy user: ex0tic_g0ddess.


    You’ve got game with girls?  Check out dopoxy.com!