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    Testimonial from a man user of dopoxy

    Posted on May 13 2018
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    The Only Place Worth Going


    I must admit that I have often sought the attentions of pretty girls, both online and in the flesh, to varying degrees of success.  At the end of the day though, if she is happy, I am happy. 

    To this end I have frequented many online dating sites of various types.  They vary greatly in method though mostly they seemed to me as a cash grab, a quick way to steal a buck from unsuspecting and vulnerable men and women.  I would be lying then if I said I came to Dopoxy with much hope. 

    Much to my surprise I was greeted with a new experience, something that all other sites I had tried before had lacked; incentive.  In this I mean that there is actual reason to hang around, to put effort into your replies.  You are judged not by some cold website, dishing out rewards for a small fee, you are rewarded by the users of Dopoxy, those that you talk to and interact with. 

    With that goal in mind men (as I can only honestly account for men on dating sites) have a reason to try and achieve better, whatever that may entail.  If you are photogenic, you are able to play to those strengths, or if you are a master conversationalist, you may be rewarded for that.

    I think, therefor, that Dopoxy may have begun a new trend, dare I say revolution, in how dating sites work, rewards from other users.

    user: someoneotherguy