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    The problem with online chatting with strangers and fake user profiles - Part 1

    Posted on May 29 2018
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    The Problem with Fake User Profiles (Part 1)


    Let’s face it - dating websites are full of fake user profiles. In a separate blog entry, we have given tips on how to spot fake profiles. In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, let’s discuss fake profiles created by real users to indulge in their personal fantasies. Why are there fake profiles on dating sites and who puts them there?


    Fake Profiles of Real Users Who Want More Attention


    Some users are just not that attractive. They know it. They have used real photos of themselves and real description of themselves on dating sites and have gotten no, or very low interest. Out of despair, these people use fake photos and/or fake descriptions to attract interest. Usually that means they will not be able to go on a real-life date with people they have met on the dating site because the truth would come out.


    We believe, these people could get the interest they crave by improving their profile photos and description. See our tips on profile photos for men, and tips profile photo for women here.


    These people enjoy the interest they get and the chats they can have because of their fake profiles. It’s just sad but there I no bad intention behind these fake profiles.


    If you have used fake photos or fake personal descriptions on dating websites, we are interested to hear your experiences. Please feel free to tell us why you do it. What do you get out of it? How do you build your fake online persona? What do you like to chat about with other users? Get in touch anonymously at contact@dopoxy.com, and we will publish your story on this blog.



    Fake profiles of gay men posing as women


    Speaking with gay men, I was told by many of them that one of their fantasies is to have sex with a straight man. This one gay ex-colleague, told me he had met a straight man who was interested in him. He told me, “So I had sex with this straight physical trainer with a perfect body. He used to come to my house after work with a bottle of wine and we would have sex.” That is of course impossible. The minute this “straight” man had sex with my gay friend he was not straight anymore.


    But on dating sites it is possible for gay man to indulge in this fantasy. Posing as a woman they can chat with straight men and sense how they create real desire in them.


    Read our tips on how to detect fake profiles here.


    If you are a gay man and have posed as a woman, we are interested to hear your experiences: why do you do it? What do you get out of it? How do you build your fake feminine persona? What do you like to chat about? Get in touch anonymously at contact@dopoxy.com and we will publish your story on this blog.


    If you have been the victim of such a fake profile, we would love to hear from you as well. Write us anonymously at contact@deopoxy.com .


    Transgenders who do not state their status as transgender on their dating profile is similar but not the same in that the profile is not per say fake but lacks what would be considered by many an important piece of information. Read our blog entry on transgender profile here.


    No fake profiles, just beautiful girls and succesfull and generous men enjoying each other's company… love is a game…wanna play? … dopoxy.com