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    So you are successful, you have everything a man can dream of in life. Maybe the last thing missing would be a 20 to 30 years old beautiful girlfriend. She has beauty, she has youth she is a student and she is on a budget. You have experience, you are charming, and you have money. It looks like both of you are ready for a deal.

     So, how to find a dream sugar baby? You could go to bars where younger women hangout. That may work out but that also very likely may not work out. You could join a sugar baby - sugar daddy. You may actually have done that already. What potential sugar daddies tell us about their experience on these websites is that women want to negotiate an allowance immediately. There is nothing wrong with money but you want to know someone before talking about that. You may even want to chat a while online before you meet someone in real life. See some photos get a sense of her style and her personality. But many girls on these sites will tell you they don't have time to chat and don't want to share photos. They want it date and money right away.

     Dopoxy is set up so that sugar babies receive incentives to chat with you and exchange photos before meeting. Girls on dopoxy get points each time you open messages photos or videos from them. That makes them much more willing to chat and exchange photos before meeting you in real life.

     Dopoxy works just like a game where points are transferred automatically. You don't have to talk about money on Dopoxy. Sugar babies are being rewarded for chatting and sending photos and videos automatically. You have the time you want to get to know them and see them before you commit to a real life meeting.

     Dopoxy is free but you are limited to the number of messages you can read frm each sugar baby. If you want to move faster and chat with more girls you can buy tokens.

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