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    About us

    Dopoxy is an online gamified platform for interactions between users.

    In case you are wandering, the name Dopoxy  comes from the merger of the most important hormones for love : dopamine and oxytocin.  Dopoxy is designed to give the best dopamine and oxytocin high you can get anywhere online.

    The more and the smarter you interact with other players on Dopoxy the more diamonds you will get.  The number of diamonds you receive is the result of your activity and your emotional intelligence.You will receive diamonds for each photo, video or audio message other users open from you.

    We regularly reward our users with prizes such as gift certificates or cash transferred to your PayPal account.  Player performance is measured with the number of diamonds gained within a given periods. Contest rules and prizes are defined by Dopoxy.

    Some users choose to remain completely anonymous by hiding parts of their face on all photos and videos or by using masks. This may reduce the number of diamonds you will win but it is an accepted option.

    Photo messages must be accompanied by a text message and are only shown for 10 seconds. To see the photo message again more diamonds are required. Video message play in their entirety or loop for 10 seconds. Use multiple short video messages rather than long ones. It will increase the diamonds you receive. The rule is same for audio messages.  

    All your previous messages to one user have to be opened at least once by that player to see the most recent messages. Players cannot skip to your latest message. For example if you send a series of 12 photos or videos messages all messages have to be opened one by one with no way to skip messages. Play with this feature to maximize the diamonds you receive. 

    Have fun on dopoxy.com.